• The the Regulations and Bylaws Reference Group (RBRG) supports achievement of the Taituarā vision by promoting high standards of regulatory management, including the development of regulatory instruments and non-regulatory measures to achieve regulatory outcomes.
  • RBRG shall contribute to this purpose by providing feedback to Taituarā officers in relation to regulatory work within the Taituarā work programme, including but not limited to;
    • the Taituarā legal compliance programme, and
    • input into advice to central government on regulatory policy development and implementation, and
    • Taituarā participation in the Government Regulatory Practice Initiative (G-Reg)
    • Any other regulatory projects within the Taituarā work programme.


RBRG will:

  • assist Taituarā officers to meet the needs of the sector for legal compliance advice and best practice guidance to meet regulatory requirements
  • assist Taituarā officers to meet the needs of the sector for improvement of leadership, culture, regulatory practice and workforce capability in regulatory organisations and systems
  • contribute to the development of Taituarā positions on issues relevant to regulatory management and policy.

If there is doubt as to whether a particular issue falls within the scope of RBRG, the Chief Executive of Taituarā shall make a binding decision.


    RBRG is accountable to the Taituarā Chief Executive and may not undertake any action not in accordance with these terms of reference without the approval of the Chief Executive.


    The Chief Executive expects RBRG to assist Taituarā officers to:

    • provide the Chief Executive with timely advice on issues that fall within its scope (as defined in paragraph 5. above)
    • develop sector responses on issues in response to changes in the regulatory policy and operational environment, or in anticipation of such developments.
    • identify good practice in local authority regulation and disseminate this to the local government sector
    • identify training and professional development needs relevant to local government regulation, and develop or commission programmes to meet those needs.


    In fulfilling its purpose and responsibilities, RBRG may:

    • recommend that the Taituarā Chief Executive appoint working sub-groups to address one-off projects requiring specialist knowledge in addition to that held by the core members of the RBRG; and
    • recommend to the Chief Executive  that no more than three specialist advisors be co-opted to any sub- for one-off projects.

    In fulfilling its purpose and responsibilities, RBRG must:

    • ensure that its activities do not conflict with the policies and procedures of Taituarā
    • ensure that its advice meets any Taituarā standards for policy advice, and the professional requirements of finance professionals.


    • The Taituarā Chief Executive may, at her discretion, appoint the Chair of the RBRG.  All other RBRG members will be appointed or removed by the Chief Executive.  Any vacancy on RBRG may only be filled by the Chief Executive having first called for nominations from amongst the membership of Taituarā.
    • Members of RBRG must be a full member of Taituarā.  Members of any Sub-group need not be members of Taituarā.  The appointment of members from outside the sector to a subcommittee will require the approval of the Chief Executive of Taituarā or her nominee.

    Review of Terms of Reference

    • RBRG will review these Terms of Reference not less than once every three years. At this time it may make recommendations to the Chief Executive that it considers will ensure RBRG can effectively achieve its purpose.
    • The Chief Executive may review these Terms of Reference at any time.

    Current Members


    Craig Hobbs, Director Regulatory Services - Auckland Council


    Billy Charlton, Environmental Services Manager - Waimakariri District Council

    Paul Cooper, Group Manager Environmental Services - Timaru District Council

    Sally Grey, Manager, Premium Building Consents - Auckland Council

    Steve Pearce, Building Services Manager - Tauranga City Council

    Peter Ridge, Senior Policy Analyst - Palmerston North City Council

    Justin Walters, Senior Policy Analyst - Whanganui District Council

    Tracey Weston, Regulatory Manager - Christchurch City Council