What data will be in the Analysis Tool?

A range of survey metrics from councils' survey results will be available. The ability to sub-segment means councils can look at results at a deeper level - across clusters of councils who 'look more like you' / have your characteristics. For added confidentiality, once the filtering process is applied, the Analysis Tool will only display results for five or more de-identified councils.

Who can access the Analysis Tool?

Councils can nominate five users in the Application Form who can access the Analysis Tool in their council.

How do I access the Analysis Tool?

It will be available through a secure online portal and multiple users (up to five) can access it at the same time. It is very easy and users will be fully trained.

How long will the data in the Analysis Tool remain available?

All participating councils will have access to the current Survey metrics for one year until it is refreshed with the next survey data.

Can councils print information from the Analysis Tool or export the visual elements such as graphs and charts?

Yes, councils can access, export and print all the relevant elements in the Analysis Tool making this very useful for sharing information in both internal and external communications.

What are councils' responsibilities in using the Analysis Tool?

Councils can use the Analysis Tool as much or as little as they like for their own analysis and all we ask is that it is treated respectfully.

Will the information in the Analysis Tool be confidential?

Survey information will be completely confidential and no council names will be displayed (i.e. they will be de-identified).