The LGFA Award for Transforming Service Delivery: Mobility Strategy - On Go Services for the Waimakariri, Waimakariri District Council

About the Entry:

This entry describes the development and systematic delivery of the capability for frontline staff to view and update information in the field. This was a programme of digital transformation and the associated change management processes across 12 differing business units within council. Aspects of the approach are being implemented in other local authorities.

The Judges said:

As a panel we were taken with the breadth and comprehensiveness of the programme - mobile capability tends to be introduced into councils in small groups, Waimakariri have 'gone mobile' over no fewer than 12 business units. We also consider that any person charged with leading a project of size, in any sector, could learn much from the clear structured approach Waimakariri have taken in their meticulous application of project management and evaluation disciplines.

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