Winner of the GHD Advisory Award for Innovation in Infrastructure and Asset Management: Seismic Resilience as a Service (EQRNet), Christchurch City Council

About the Entry;

Christchurch City has developed and installed EQRnet - a network of 150 sensors designed to collect and report information on localised ground shaking in an earthquake. This will enable council to manage its response to safeguard communities and assets, in real time.

The Judges Said:

The importance of quality information to good local governance cannot be underestimated. Christchurch has successfully married good science, good infrastructure, the smart application of digital technology and building information held into a tool that will support effective regulation and civil response. Importantly,

this innovation will allow the rapid targeting of earthquake response where differential ground movement means not all areas, and not all buildings will be impacted equally. The service is readily transferable to local communities both here and overseas.

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