LGCareers is the brand under which Taituarã delivers its recruitment and retention initiative - an initiative that supports the sector to attract and retain quality talent.

Here you'll find information for those starting their careers or looking for a new career. It includes information on why local government is a great career option, the range of job roles and careers available, what Taituarã provides in the way of career enhancements and it also links to LGJobs, the only local government specific jobs board in New Zealand so visitors can immediately see what's currently on offer.

With 78 councils across the country supporting and facilitating the growth and development of communities there are opportunities galore.

Taituarã is the national member organisation which supports managers in local government and is committed to promoting and encouraging professional excellence in all areas of the sector, LGCareers is one of the services Taituarã provides to ensure this vision is upheld.

About Taituarã's Recruitment and Retention Levy

Taituarã’s Recruitment & Retention levy funds the specific work we do to provide assistance to your Council – and support to the sector as a whole – in attracting and retaining quality talent.

The Workforce Working Party (WWP) and Taituarã Workforce Leadership team’s work programme in 2019/20 has a focus on supporting initiatives that   aim to encourage people to work in local government.  By understanding the current and future workforce challenges we can focus on the hard to fill roles, as well as attracting more diverse, and particularly young people, to the sector.  This work and the other work of the WWP is funded by the Recruitment and Retention levy and Councils who subscribe to the levy will have access to the outputs and collateral. 

At the annual Victoria University of Wellington’s School of Government Prize-giving Ceremony we present the Taituarã Prize for Best Paper in Introduction to Public Policy, providing an opportunity to engage with students on opportunities within local government.

The levy also provides subscribing councils with discounted advertising to our popular LGJobs local government jobs board.  This is the only local government specific job board in New Zealand.   While non-subscribers will pay the full price for advertising, this is still less than the cost of advertising on other jobs boards. 

As a subscriber you will have access to recruitment resources for your Council’s use such as pull-up banners, flyers and a video your council can display at career expos and on your careers site.  If you would like to know more, please contact info@taituara.org.nz