October 2015

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Increasingly local government is moving towards more collaborative approaches to engagement, these range from relatively informal arrangements through to statutorily driven co-governance entities (appendix A contains a list of the approaches).

This paper considers the mix of skills necessary to get the best from co-governance and collaborative approaches. It is not a guide to participating in, or working under collaborative approaches though there are some useful suggestions.

This paper was originally conceived as a piece of advice to Taituarã's Learning and Development arm as it goes about a revision of our courses in community engagement. We release it as a starter for 10 for those who are contemplating collaborative or who are new players in an existing relationship.

The report contains a number of case studies. We would welcome any other case studies from across the spectrum of collaborative arrangements,

This is an output of Taituarã's Sector Futures Working Party. Taituarã thanks them for their work on this report, especially Denise O'Shaughnessy and other staff at Auckland Council.