The Resource Management Reform Reference Group (RMRG) has been set up to help identify and advise on issues with the package of Resource Management Act reform proposals that have potential to impact significantly on local authorities. It will focus in particular on their ability to operationalise the three new pieces of legislation that are proposed to replace the Resource Management Act 1991: the Natural and Built Environments Act, the Spatial Planning Act, and the Climate Change Adaptation Act.

The purpose of the RMRG is twofold:

  • To assist the local government sector to contribute to the reform of the resource management system by identifying issues with the potential to impact on local authorities; and
  • To support the sector's transition to, and implementation of, the new system.

The members of the RMRG are:

  • Aileen Lawrie, Chief Executive, Ōpōtiki District Council
  • Lucy Hicks, Policy and Planning Manager, Environment Southland
  • Anna Johnson, City Development Manager, Dunedin City Council
  • Simon Banks, WSP
  • Marianna Brook, Senior Advisor, Otago Mayoral Forum
  • Blair Dickie, Principal Strategic Advisor, Waikato Regional Council
  • Matt Bacon, Development Planning Manager, Waimakariri District Council
  • Joanna Noble, Chief of Strategy and Science - Gisborne District Council

    Aileen Lawrie has been appointed Chair of the RMRG.