Taituarã has released the updated suite of Long-Term Planning Guides designed to assist local authorities in their 2018 – 28 long-term planning.

These guides reflect the lesson from previous rounds of long-term plans.This suite of documents is inter-connected to reflect the nature of long-term planning.Some of the guides contain an overview of the materials in a summary for the time challenged.

The planning guides have been developed in conjunction with the Taituarã Business Performance Working Party (previously known as Finance Working Party), Taituarã Planning and Accountability Working Party, Taituarã Sector Improvement Team and various practitioners in local government and funded by our annual Sector Good subscriptions.

New for the 2018 – 28 long term planning phase are updated versions of:

Jigsaw 2018: Piecing it Together – a quick reference to the entire range of processes and content requirements that make up a successful LTP.

Dollars and Sense 2018: Financial and Infrastructure Considerations for the LTP – covering financial and infrastructure strategies, financial prudence and the financial information that goes into the long-term plan.

Your Side of the deal 2018: Performance Management and the LTP – a guide to performance management in local government within the context of a long-term plan. This guides is divided into three sections, firstly, direction setting, secondly, levels of service, performance measures and targets, and thirdly, communicating performance and supporting culture.

Telling Our Stories 2018: Guide on Consultation Documents – providing tips and tricks for writing an effective LTP consultation document. This is accompanied by useful examples, particularly the eight finalists in the Taituarã 2015 LTP Consultation Documents.

All local government staff can access these guides in our L GSectorGoodToolkit. While in the site check out the other resources including our Legal Compliance Modules covering everything from Animal Control to Procurement. For council staff who don't have or have forgotten their login details please email info@taituara.org.nz.