Virtual Meetings: Managing engagement in a virtual environment

Free webinars. These two Q&A webinars will help you gain important insights about managing engagement in a virtual environment.

Webinar: The 2020/21 Annual Plan and Rate-Setting Post Covid-19

This is a Q&A style webinar presented by our partners at Simpson Grierson will focus on the 2020/21 Annual Plan and Rate-Setting Post Covid-19.

Webinar: A New Beginning? The Rating of the Whenua Māori Amendment Bill

Presented by Lizzy Wiessing, this webinar explores the reforms in the Rating of Whenua Māori Amendment Bill.

Webinar: Mobilising Infrastructure Programmes in a Post COVID-19 Environment

This webinar features presenters from the joint Local Government/Central Government COVID – 19 Task Force, subject matter experts from BECA, Local Government Infrastructure Managers and CEOs, and this is the first in a series of three, looking at specific topic areas in the complex world of delivering infrastructure programmes in local government.

Webinar: The RMA Amendment Bill Report Back

Join Sarah Scott, Partner at Simpson Grierson as she discusses the Committee’s report and what it means for the sector.

Webinar: Roading Essential Services

The Taituarā/DIA/LGNZ COVID-19 Essential Services Roading Working Group presents at this webinar to help build consistency across local government as road controlling authorities transition out of alert level 3.

Webinar: Mobilising Infrastructure Programmes - Moving to Delivery – Making things happen

In partnership with BECA, this webinar is the final installment in a series of three, and looks at specific topic areas in the complex world of delivering infrastructure programmes in local government.

Webinar: The Importance of Data – Planning for the Future

Professor Shaun Hendy from Auckland University, who led a team of scientists developing mathematical models of the spread of the virus across the country that influenced the government's response to the outbreak. Shaun leads our webinar and is joined by experts from Data Ventures and BERL.

Free Webinar: KPMG Procurement 2020 "Innovation and Smart Procurement"

The COVID-19 Local Government Response Unit commissioned KPMG to produce a report on agile approaches to procurement. A panel of experts, facilitated by Kevin Lavery, present their findings.

Webinar: Freshwater Reform Announcements

On 28 May the Government announced its package of proposed freshwater reforms – including the RM troika: RMA reforms, an NES and an NPS to boot. Join Sarah Scott, partner with Simpson Grierson to explain what it all means for the sector.

Online Forum: 2020 Representation Review

This online forum is designed to provide outstanding professional development for local authority elected members and governance and policy professionals as around two dozen councils embark on representation reviews ahead of the 2022 local authority elections.

Online Forum: Towards a Well-being Led Recovery

This online forum explores how the well-being of communities can be factored into the scope of recovery measures. Our expert panelists consider the challenges and opportunities of a well-being focused recovery in the wake of the pandemic crisis and the role local governments can play in developing a sustainable, inclusive and resilient plan.

Online Forum: The Last Stop for the LTP'21

There’s now less than a year to 30 June 2021 and the last stop on Taituarā’s Road to 2021 is the Last Stop for LTP ’21 Forum – a last chance to discuss some of the core factors that will shape the 2021 LTP.

Webinar: The Randerson report: A roadmap for the future of planning?

Sarah Scott, partner with Simpson Grierson, discusses what is a once in a generation reform proposal and its implications for the sector and for the environment.

Webinar: A Whole New Ball Game? The Post-Covid Economy and the 2020 Taituarā/BERL Adjustors

One of New Zealand’s leading economic forecasters, Dr Ganesh Nana, provides an overview of the economic backdrop for the LTP and how that’s played out in the production of this year’s adjustors.

Webinar: The New NPS Urban Development

The latest changes to the NPS-UD came into effect on 20 August. Much media attention has centred on the removal of the ability to require car parks, but the package has been presented as a set of measures to encourage the development of higher urban density.