Professor Shaun Hendy from Auckland University, who led a team of scientists developing mathematical models of the spread of the virus across the country that influenced the government's response to the outbreak. Shaun leads our webinar and is joined by experts from Data Ventures and BERL.

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The cost of this webinar is $250+GST per council.

During COVID-19 scientific facts, data modelling and assessing the impacts on the “NZ Team of 5 million” was first and foremost in determining what was happening and how we could recover.

Making sense of post COVID-19 environment is a tough task, especially when the data is uncertain and rapidly changing. This webinar delves into important questions like:

· What is the data telling us about New Zealand’s recovery in the short and long term?

· What data-driven lessons can we learn to gain better insights into the state of communities?

Professor Shaun Hendy is joined by Drew Broadly, Chief Executive at Data Ventures and Hugh Dixon, Research Economist at BERL.


Professor Shaun Cameron Hendy
Physicist, University of Auckland Read Profile
Drew Broadly
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Hugh Dixon
BERL Research Economist Read Profile