Only 25 spaces available! Introduction to Long-term Thinking has been developed to provide local government professionals with the core concepts and tools for thinking over the longer term. Whatever your area of responsibility, you will be able to apply these foundational building blocks of futures thinking to your work.

This course will be delivered over eight online sessions and a follow-up clinic where you can bring your questions from applying the course material to your work.

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About this event

The environment in which local government now operates, and will be operating in the future, is no longer predictable. The context for local government is being reshaped by local, national and global-scale drivers which will change the way almost everything happens. The precise ways in which these factors will intersect cannot be predicted and will play out differently in every community.

Futures tools have been developed specifically to navigate this uncertainty. By using tools from foresight to explore widely across possible and preferred futures, we can start to anticipate and redesign for a changing world. (UNESCO has declared the ability to think over the long term as an essential competency for the 21st century.)

More than ever, we need innovative responses to future challenges. By developing confidence in using futures tools, you will be better equipped as a professional to reassess, redesign and communicate your strategy, policy, service delivery or risk management innovations for a changing world.

This course is highly interactive, practical, and designed to allow participants to engage with the facilitator, ask questions and work with each other in break out-groups. Please note that these sessions are interactive and will not be recorded.

    Key learning outcomes include:

    • You will understand the terms and concepts used to think over the long-term and introduce a common language for talking about the future to your colleagues and stakeholders.
    • You will understand the core competencies you need for thinking effectively about the long term and have assessed your areas of strength and areas for development.
    • You will have tools and techniques to be deliberate about how you frame the issues you are dealing with and will understand ways to reframe those issues to create greater insights and increase the pool of possible solutions.

    Who should attend?

    Because almost every aspect of work in local government is going to be subject to change, this course is relevant to all local government professionals who need to understand future possibilities better in order to work effectively and use futures thinking tools in their work.

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