This two-day workshop is designed for councils and is based on years of experience of working with the local government sector on real projects.

It will benefit anyone involved in projects, from beginners through to highly experienced.

  • 27 Oct 2021-28 Oct 2021
  • 8:30 AM-5:00 PM
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  • ‘The West Wing’ - Taituarā Office, Level 9/85 The Terrace, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand
  • 1,200.00 (plus GST) Members
  • 1,300.00 (plus GST) Non Members
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About this event

There is a lot of pressure on council staff and contractors to deliver projects at the moment (Long-term Plan, Provincial Growth Fund and COVID-19 recovery). There are extra pressures on existing people and resources to deliver more with less.

This project management training is based on real world experience with councils and has been developed specifically for councils. It has proven, practical and fast techniques and tools that can be used on projects and day to day work. This will increase the odds of success on projects. Less stress, more success.

What are the issues?
Common issues through not doing project management properly include:

  • poor planning leading to poor project performance
  • projects heading towards failure
  • projects not delivered and budgets unspent - future failures
  • unnecessary stress and anxiety
  • unhappy communities, councillors, funders, project teams and management
  • business needs are not met - complaints
  • projects cost more than they should
  • timelines not met
  • scope creep
  • damaged reputations

    This workshop will help by:

    • Providing participants with simple, fast, engaging and effective tools and techniques to set up and manage projects - these techniques can also be used for day to day business and community engagement
    • Making projects more fun and productive
    • Providing a scalable set of project management processes that are specifically tailored for councils
    • Providing templates and tools
    • Creating an understanding of why project management is important
    • Pointing out the dangers that arise from poor project management
    • Introducing up to date techniques that work in councils

    Who should attend?
    This workshop is intended to instil good project management at all levels of an organisation. It is appropriate therefore for a wide range of staff and will benefit anyone who:

    • has little or no prior project management experience right through to highly experienced project managers
    • is working as part of a project team
    • is in a support role to a project
    • hopes to be selected for inclusion in a project team
    • is a project manager, project sponsor or in a governance role

    Please note, that this programme requires a minimum number of 10 participants in order to go ahead.


    "Anyone that wants to learn how to manage all aspects of a project – from stakeholder engagement to solution development – will love this course." - Jason Pilkington, Palmerston North City Council

    "Frank walks the talk with this project management training – the course is well structured, uses excellent concepts that are well explained, taught and embedded through reflection and reiteration." - Aaron Phillips, Palmerston North City Council

    "Worthwhile training that I can easily and effectively use in both day to day and bigger picture projects." - Annie van der Plas, Kaipara District Council

    "Project management was part of my day to day work life. I did not know this until the course showed me. Now I can really have input into any project I am involved with in the future." - Michael Ogden, Nelson City Council