The 2022 Marsh Risk Management Forum will provide practical and current advice for managing the major risks and advising those with governance and decision-making responsibility.

Please note the 2022 Forum will be delivered via four online sessions.

About this event

The 2022 Marsh Taituarā Risk Management Forum provides the risk manager with practical and current advice for managing the major risks and advising those with governance and decision-making responsibility for the risk function.

If 2020 was the year of the pandemic, 2022 will go down as the year of reforms. Three waters, resource management, emergency management, and the ‘Future for Local Government’ are a tangled web of reforms that is positively exuding risk. We open with an update that connects the dots and a panel on approaching the reforms from a risk perspective.

Delivery of the capital programme is an area that has been flagged as a strategic risk – especially in an era when an overheating economy and skilled labour shortages are facts of life.

This year’s sampling of other topics includes:

  • data analytics and risk management
  • reviewing your risk management functions
  • developments in the legal environment and risk managers
  • training and development for risk managers and risk governors
  • the Auditor-General’s work on risk management.

Whether you are a specialist risk manager, or someone with an interest in a particular risk, mitigation or topic, this is for you.

Note: sessions are being recorded and will be made available to registrants 7-10 days after the last session finishes.

Session One: Tuesday 5 April 2022

9.30am Welcome to the Forum

9.35am Local Government reforms: Where are we now and what happens next?
Kathryn Ross, General Manager Strategy and Reform, Taituarā

10.20am Five-minute break

10.25am Capital delivery
Claire Ellison, Assistant Director Infrastructure Advisory, PwC

Historic data suggests that even in the best of times many local authorities struggle to complete more than three-quarters of the capital programme. With some evidence of an overheated civil construction market and skill shortage managing the capital programme is a challenge that will not go away. This session focuses on practical solutions to an endemic problem.

To be followed by a breakout session.

11.35am Close of Session One

Session Two: Wednesday 6 April 2022

9.30am Introduction to the session

9.35am Training for the governors risk
Philip Jones, Managing Director, PJ and Associates

To be followed by a breakout session.

10.40am Five-minute break

10.45am Taituarā update
Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, Taituarā

An update on all of the good work by Taituarā on behalf of the sector and all the other things going on within the beltway.

11.05am A word from our sponsor: Challenges in risk management
Tamara McDonagh,Director Management Consulting PwC

12 noon Close of Session Two

Session Three: Thursday 7 April 2022

9.30am Introduction

9.35am The Auditor-General’s observations of local authority risk management
Hugh Jory, Office of the Auditor-General

The results of last year’s performance audit to better understand the current state of councils' risk management, where the challenges and issues are, and what support councils need to improve how they manage risk.

10.20am Five-minute break

10.25am The legal 'riskscape' in 2022: An update
Mike Wakefield, and Hamish Harwood, Simpson Grierson

An overview of the latest developments in statute, case law and other developments in the legal sphere of interest to risk managers.

11.15am Conflict of Interest – Excel tool for cross-referencing Companies Office & Charities Register
Chris Logan, Audit & Risk Analyst, Nelson City Council

11.35 noon Close of Session

Session Four: Friday 8 April 2022

9.30am Introduction

9.35am Our risk management journey: A case study
Genny Wilson, Business Resilience and Risk Adviser, Waipā District Council

The journey so far for Waipā District Council in increasing risk management maturity - from a formal review of risk management maturity within the organisation to current state. This case study will focus on what we have learned, tips for success and next steps.

10.20am Five-minute break

10.25am Local government reform: A practitioner’s perspective
Samantha Gain, General Manager Corporate Services, Greater Wellington Regional Council
Ken Morris, Deputy Chief Executive, Waipā District Council
Philip Jones, Managing Director, PJ and Associates

A panel for the practitioners looking at the risk implications out of the reform process, what thinking and action those with risk management implications can take now.

11.35am A word from our sponsor: Climate change and ESG reporting
Sophie Griffin – Marsh Advisory, Pacific Region

A short session on ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) risk and the four wellbeings.


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