Hold the date so you can join us and an exciting range of expert speakers who will share their wisdom, insights, and experiences on best navigating the partnerships required to deliver on wellbeing outcomes for communities.

  • 29 Mar 2022-30 Mar 2022
  • 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
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  • Wharewaka Function Centre, Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand

About this event

Over the last six years, health, safety and wellbeing at work has been an area of increased investment of time, attention and resources. In a world of constrained capacity and growing challenges on all fronts, ensuring we meet our legal obligations, as well as unlock the opportunities, of a safer, healthier and more engaged workforce demands sustained leadership. With the compounding pressures of the COVID-19 pandemic, never has the need or challenge for that leadership been greater,

This interactive Forum provides an opportunity for leaders and specialists within local government to explore the mindsets and practices needed to create safer work environments – both physical and mental.

This Forum is split into two parts:

Our first day will be a chance for leaders to identify the challenges of creating a safe and well environment in a local government setting, highlight areas for development in the sector, and hear from health and safety leaders on tips to enhance your workplace wellbeing environment.

Our second day will focus on the practical skills on how to design a wellbeing programme based on the needs identified on day one and support mechanisms to bring your wellbeing programme to life.


The Health, Safety and Wellbeing Forum is an opportunity for chief executives, tier two leaders and other leaders that have a role in enabling the wellbeing of staff in a council setting to inform how the sector might create an environment of wellbeing. The second day will be of value to both leaders and practitioners.

The programme

Day one

9.00 Start


Health and safety in Aotearoa New Zealand – what’s keeping us 'stuck in first gear'
Unpack the issues on the minds of senior leaders that are constraining our improvement despite massive investment increase.

Leadership and governance – are we focusing on what matters?
Unpack and reflect on the key mindsets and practices that enable effective oversight of health and safety performance.

Mental wellbeing – thriving on purpose
Understanding the issues of mental wellbeing at work so we can work on the right issues.

Supply chain leadership – unlocking broader value
Supply chain leadership is more than just procurement or contract management.

Local government leadership as a community and movement of support and learning
What and how can senior leaders across the sector support each other to focus on what matters to learn and thrive on purpose.

Day two

9.00 Start


Driving better governance and leadership
Introducing learning mechanisms to deliver on the risks, relationships and resourcing framework, including the Got Talent competition - a table challenge to design a bespoke dashboard indicator using the 3R framework and the CHASNZ leading indicator mix.

Mental wellbeing – thriving on purpose
Practical workshop on how to design a wellbeing programme. Facilitator support and guidance for a psychosocial risk assessment.

Local government expertise as a community and movement of support and learning
What and how can practitioners across local government support each other to focus on what matters to learn and thrive on purpose?