The 2023 Marsh Risk Management Forum provides the risk manager with practical and current advice for managing the major risks and advising those with governance and decision-making responsibility for the risk function.

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About this event

In the all-encompassing focus on sector reforms its easy to lose sight of the myriad of other risks that can surface to ‘bite us’. We open with an overview of the strategic risks from the perspective of one who knows the sector well but is not ‘of’ the sector.

Risk maturity has been loosely defined as the ability to be aware and wary of risk, but not to let it paralyse into inactivity. This year’s panel focuses on how you know when your organisation is ‘risk mature’ and practical ways to build risk maturity.

Of course, it's easy to be good at risk management if you have the capacity to, for example, have a couple of positions dedicated to the practice. But what if you don’t? We feature a practical perspective from one of Aotearoa New Zealand’s smaller councils.

Other topics include:

  • CDEM and organisational risks
  • implementing/upgrading information systems and risks
  • a fresh take on risk appetite
  • training and development for risk managers and risk governors
  • developments in the law around natural hazards and risk management.

    Whether you are a specialist risk manager, or someone with an interest in a particular risk, mitigation, or topic, this is for you.

    Note: sessions are being recorded and will be made available to registrants 7-10 days after the last session finishes.

    Session one: Monday 3 April

    9.30 am Welcome
    Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, Taituarā

    9.35 am The strategic risk-scape in 2023
    Bruce Robertson, Managing Director, RBRL and Independent Chair to local authorities

    To open, an overview of the risk-scape with a focus looking at the horizon for the strategic level risks.

    10.25 am Break

    10.30 am Risk and development for elected members – facilitated discussion
    Group discussions focussing on the competencies and knowledge that those doing the governing should have, where the development opportunities are, what works, and where the gaps might be.

    Groups to be led by:

    • Genny Wilson, Business Risk and Resilience Adviser, Waipā District Council
    • Steve Breen, Risk and Performance, Gisborne District Council
    • Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, Taituarā (will lead the report back)

    11.40 am A fresh take on risk appetite
    Regan Smith, Risk and Corporate Services Manager, Hastings District Council

    Hastings has a different take on risk management to share – one based on the council’s objectives rather than a focus on the individual risks.

    12.30 pm Close of session one

    Session two: Tuesday 4 April

    9.30 am Welcome to session two
    Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, Taituarā

    9.35 am Risk management in a smaller council
    Ahmed Mohamed, Risk and Internal Audit Manager, South Taranaki District Council

    A practical session on risk management disciplines and practices amongst those who are more resource-constrained.

    To be followed by breakouts to discuss the topic:

    “You have been appointed to the Upper Creek District Council, population 10,000. Corporate risk management is only part of your responsibilities, but you’ve found there’s next to no systems, practices etc. available corporate level. Where do you start on day one? What is the long-term plan?

    10.55 am Break

    11.00 am Risk maturity
    Mark Maloney, Assistant Auditor-General – Local Government
    Philip Jones, Managing Director, PJ and Associates and Chair/Member of Risk Assurance Councils

    A panel discussion focussing on what it means to be a risk-mature council in practice, and what local authorities might do to build their levels of risk maturity.

    11.50 am Marsh - Building resilience in council
    Gabe Money and Kyron Reshi, Marsh

    In this session Marsh’s risk experts will cover how improving the risk profile of local authority will ensure resilience for both the council and wider community.

    12.30 pm Close of session two

    Following session two, there is an opportunity to stay online for a discussion: Taituarā seek input on where it should focus its risk management efforts as it picks up the threads with its good practice programme.

    Session three: Wednesday 5 April

    9.30 am Welcome to session three
    Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, Taituarā

    9.35 am Natural hazards and the law: an update
    Mike Wakefield, and Hamish Harwood, Simpson Grierson

    Developments with statute and case law around the management of natural hazards and their recording on LIMS and evolving legal issues and challenges.

    10.25 am Break

    10.30 am Sector update
    Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, Taituarā

    The latest update on the policy and legal environment, and all that’s new and exciting from Taituarā.

    11.00 am CDEM and internal risks
    Nedine Thatcher Swann CEO, Gisborne District Council.

    11.50 am Changing information systems – risks to manage
    James Rees-Thomas, Risk and Assurance Partner, and Curtis Morton, Director, PwC

    Implementing a new system or significantly upgrading current systems with the same provider? James has some risk-oriented perspectives to share.

    12.30 pm Sum up and close
    Raymond Horan, Chief Advisor, Taituarā


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