We may not have a glitzy Gala Dinner to attend, but we can still make a splash and celebrate the recipients of our 2020 Excellence Awards, Exchanges and Scholarship!

Please join us on the Taituarā Facebook page or on the Taituarā website from 2pm on Friday 8 May as we announce* the winners of 2020 McGredy Winder Taituarā Local Government Excellence Awards®, the Brookfields Emerging Leader of the Year Award, our Overseas Manager Exchanges (sponsored by Civic Financial Services, AskYourTeam and Marsh), The Skills Organisation Melbourne Business School Leadership Scholarship, our Taituarā Distinguished Management Award, and the President’s Award for Distinguished Contribution to Taituarā.

We look forward to seeing you online!

*Announcements will be made via a series of pre-recorded videos.