Hawkes Bay business Giblin Group has launched an innovative online platform which aims to help community organisations secure sustainable funding.

Funding HQ helps organisations who rely on external funding for their work in the community to become more sustainable by diversifying their range of funding support.

According to Managing Director Giblin Group Jenni Giblin, Funding HQ was born from a desire to help build vibrant communities.

“Working with community organisations and not-for-profits over the years I realised there was a gap in understanding of how to deliver effective funding strategies that are sustainable,” says Giblin.

Funding HQ seeks to address this need by guiding organisations to take a more diversified and strategic approach to fundraising. The Funding HQ platform achieves this by guiding organisations through the process of building a compelling case for investment, developing a fundraising plan, tailoring funding applications to demonstrate alignment to funders, making ‘the ask’ to philanthropic and corporate supporters, retaining partners and measuring the impact of the investment. Its support is suitable for both standalone projects and ongoing programmes.

“There’s never been a better time for a platform like Funding HQ. I am confident that there will be funds available for these organisations but ‘the ask’ and range of funders will be quite different in our new environment. Funders will want to be able to see and measure the impact of their investment in the community,” says Giblin.

Funding HQ provides small and medium-sized organisations with cost-effective access to Giblin Group’s proven methodology of diversifying funding sources and establishing long-term funding partnerships.

“While it’s been great to hear that some organisations have been fortunate to receive injections of financial support from central government, many more have not. I want all community organisations to have the ability to secure sustainable funding and to have access to knowledge of ‘where to start’, with ongoing support and guidance to diversify their range of funding streams,” says Giblin.