The global Covid-19 pandemic will define 2020 as the year the world locked down.  But a vision of a different world also became – momentarily - a reality: traffic-free roads and skies, falling emissions, clean air, remote working, localised shopping, a heightened sense of community spirit and togetherness, a greater appreciation of nature, and a general slowing down and opportunity for reflection.

In this period of reflection, most people agreed that they didn’t want things to return to ‘normal’ when we re-emerged from lockdown. That this was a once-in-a-lifetime chance to chart a course for a kinder, more equitable, greener future.  And to rapidly accelerate the decarbonisation of the planet.

The 2020 Climate Change + Business Conference will explore the extent to which businesses, policy-makers, and civil society have seized the opportunity to transform our future. Among other things, it will consider:

  • the flow of Government funding toward recovery projects and international recovery trends;
  • the impact of recent policy and legislative changes;
  • perspectives from the Climate Change Commission and revised climate science projections;
  • impacts on the price of carbon and carbon markets;
  • sectoral issues and opportunities;
  • local government climate action planning, from mitigation policies and projects to adaptation priorities and strategies, and how local authorities are collaborating with the business community to drive implementation;
  • the unique challenges and opportunities that projected climate change impacts, and the adaptation scenarios they will require, present for iwi/hapū/whanau, Māori youth and enterprise and how these are being met; and
  • our broader adaptation preparedness.

The need to build on the urgency and momentum for rapid and substantial decarbonisation remains.

Covid-19 has given us an opportunity - an obligation - to transform our future.  Will we act with the level of ambition and hope that the climate crisis requires of us, and future generations deserve from us?  

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