FutureFit for councils is a climate action resource to enable councils to embed low-carbon-emitting behaviour within their communities. Auckland Council is thrilled to now announce their first FutureFit for councils partner – Tasman District Council.

FutureFit can be used as an effective local tool to support council sustainability and carbon reduction programmes. The online tool provides a stepwise journey for residents, demonstrating that small changes, when collective, can have a meaningful impact.

Julie Nguyen of Tasman District Council says, “FutureFit is a ready-made tool that allows Tasman residents to take meaningful and measurable steps towards our sustainability goals though low-carbon behaviour. Enabling community engagement in an easily accessible way will be key to driving the necessary collective action required if New Zealand is to meet its target of being carbon neutral by 2050.”

Likewise, Auckland Council is excited to join forces with Tasman District Council to enable more Kiwis to take climate action.

About FutureFit

FutureFit is New Zealand’s first gamified carbon footprint tool, which creates a competitive environment to drive collective action on climate change. FutureFit empowers individuals to measure, then reduce, their carbon footprint through a series of personalized actions, supported by weekly reminders. Fostering friendly competition between whānau, friends and colleagues, FutureFit plays an important role in helping to catalyse a low-carbon movement and embed low-carbon behaviour.

As a local government organisation focused on meeting their ambitious climate targets, Auckland Council strongly believes FutureFit to be the most robust and impactful tool for all regions across New Zealand. Developed using a scientifically proven approach based on MOTU research, Statistics New Zealand data and behaviour change science, FutureFit is unique in its development as an independent calculator specifically by and for New Zealanders.

The FutureFit for councils programme includes a suite of resources to assist with embedding FutureFit in your region according to your wider climate strategy. If you’re interested to learn more about the programme and how FutureFit for councils can work in your region, please email hello@futurefit.nz