Taituarā is pleased to announce that it has now appointed its Resource Management Reform Reference Group (RMRG). The purpose of the RMRG is to help Taituarā identify and advise on issues with the package of reform proposals that have potential to impact significantly on local authorities, and in particular their ability to operationalise the three new pieces of legislation that are proposed to replace the Resource Management Act 1991: the Natural and Built Environments Act, the Spatial Planning Act, and the Climate Change Adaptation Act.

The members of the RMRG are:

  • Aileen Lawrie, Chief Executive, Ōpotiki District Council
  • Hamish Lampp, Group Manager Regulatory and Planning, Whanganui District Council
  • Simon Mutonhori, Group Manager Planning and Regulatory Services, Wairoa District Council
  • Lucy Hicks, Policy and Planning Manager, Environment Southland
  • Anna Johnson, City Development Manager, Dunedin City Council
  • Charlotte Almond, Policy and Strategy Manager, Horizons Regional Council
  • Pauline Hill, Senior Policy Advisor/ Kaitohutohu Matua, Te Hunga Whiriwhiri, Greater Wellington Regional Council
  • Simon Banks, Project Leader – Urban Planning, Tauranga City Council
  • Rachel Ropiha, Team Leader – Māori Relationships, Far North District Council
  • Marianna Brook, Senior Advisor, Otago Mayoral Forum

Aileen Lawrie has been appointed Chair of the RMRG.

The purpose of the RMRG is twofold:

  1. To assist the local government sector to contribute to the reform of the resource management system by identifying issues with the potential to impact on local authorities; and
  2. To support the sector’s transition to, and implementation of, the new system.

We were delighted to receive over 20 applications for membership of the RMRG. The members of the group were chosen for their skills, experience, and knowledge in respect of the multiple facets of the resource management system, and to represent a range of different councils (size and type) and geographic locations.

There will be ongoing opportunities for the wider local government sector to contribute to the work that we will be doing to contribute to the reform of the resource management system. Keep an eye on our various communications channels for opportunities to contribute.

If you’re not already a member of our Resource Management Reform Discussion Group, we encourage you to join by following these instructions: please click here, next click RMREFORM, and then send the auto-populated email to sign up.

For further information please contact Grace Hall, Senior Advisor.