Taituarā recently made a submission aimed at improving the democratic options of enrolled voters of Māori descent. 

Currently, Māori voters can choose to be on either the General or Māori electoral roll during general elections. However, after enrolling for the first time, the ability to change between these rolls is highly restricted with the opportunity to do so arising for just a four-month period every five to six years. 

The Ministry of Justice recently engaged with New Zealanders
on whether this existing arrangement is still fit for purpose. The Taituarā Elections Reference Group has considered the implications in light of the Māori Ward changes in local government and advised us on our submission.

Our key recommendation was that the option to change rolls be at least three yearly or more often than that.  General and local elections both have a triennial cycle and the roll option should, at a minimum align with this and be three yearly. However, there were also good rationales that the option be annual, or continuous, ie. that people be able to change rolls at any time.

You can view the Taituarā submission here.

For more information please contact Susan Haniel, Senior Advisor, System Capability