In July 2021, the New Zealand Libraries Partnership Programme (NZLPP) funding package was announced to retain and support librarians and library services so they can further help community recovery from COVID-19. Since its inception the programme has committed to fund and support over 180 people in public library roles across the motu and ensure free and easy access to the internet and library digital services.

Taituarā — Local Government Professionals Aotearoa and Public Libraries of New Zealand (PLNZ) are pleased to be working together on a Joint Programme - Public Libraries CoCre8 Well-being.

The purpose of the programme is to raise awareness of the work of public libraries and their role in enhancing community well-being. This will entail sharing information and profile case studies that showcase public library services and their councils’ commitment to community well-being now and in the future.

We have developed a TeamSite called 'Libraries CoCre8 Wellbeing'. If you would like to become a members of the digital TeamSite please email Kate Macnaught our General Manager, Sector Projects.

We look forward to sharing a host of interesting insights into the world of public libraries in Aotearoa New Zealand.