The Ministry for the Environment is now consulting on Te kawe i te haepapa para / Taking responsibility for our waste. It contains proposals for a new waste strategy and issues and options for new waste legislation. Taituarā is currently preparing a submission on this proposed legislation.

You can view the overview and consultation document here. 

The overarching vision is for a circular economy, where nothing is wasted.

It is underpinned by six core principles and a three-stage journey, with the first stage (2022-30: catching up) outlined. A new legislative framework is also proposed.

Amongst the raft of questions and issues raised there are fundamental questions about the role of local government in the waste system, the allocation of responsibilities between regional and territorial authorities, the allocation of revenue from the waste levy, licensing of operators, new information requirements, monitoring and enforcement. 

Duty of care and product stewardship (including deposit return schemes) and national standards for waste, recycling and resource recovery are also proposed.

You may like to refer to our article on the recently released waste reduction work programme.

Taituarā will prepare a submission. The consultation period has been extended with submissions now due by 10 December 2021.

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For further information, or to contribute to the Taituarā submission, please contact Kath Ross our General Manager, Transitions. 

You can also get involved by joining our WASTEMIN and/or LGPLANNERS Discussion Groups.