A member’s bill that would require local body politicians to declare potential conflicts of interest is currently open for public consultation. The Local Government (Pecuniary Interests Register) Amendment Bill aims to apply similar levels of transparency to local government elected officials as is already required of Members of Parliament.

In September 2021, when it was drawn from a biscuit tin ballot of private members' bills, Labour Whip Kieran McAnulty expressed his thoughts on why public input on this Bill is so important:

“Let's vote for this bill, send it to select committee, and nut it out. We'll get submissions from people across the board. We'll get submissions from those involved in local government. Given that this is a member's bill - this is not a Government bill - so there hasn't been any consultation prior to this. Here's their opportunity to come forward and put their view.”

Taituarā has prepared a submission on behalf of the local government sector.

Click here to read and/or submit on the Bill. The consultation closes on 23 November 2021.