Taituarā and Public Libraries New Zealand (PLNZ) are looking for general managers responsible for their council's library (or libraries) and who are willing to take a short survey. This will allow us to establish, and later build upon, the unique role libraries play in promoting community well-being across Aotearoa New Zealand.

Click here to take the survey.

Taituarā and Public Libraries New Zealand (PLNZ) are working together on a joint initiative funded by the National Libraries Partnership Programme (NLPP) and the Department of Internal Affairs.

This joint initiative will bring together the well-being data intelligence of the Well-being Data Warehouse, already being used within almost 50 councils, and PLNZ’s LibPAS data from 300+ libraries nationwide, and will link the library data to well-being outcomes to make a compelling case for public libraries in the future.

The first step in the programme is to gather data from councils about their library services and their perceptions of the value and contribution libraries make to community well-being. This survey is for general managers responsible for libraries in their portfolio. We have kept the survey as short and as simple as possible.

We do know how busy our councils are at the moment, and really appreciate your taking the time to complete the survey. The findings will be compiled and all answers will be anonymized and presented as percentage responses.

Many thanks for your support and help.

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Please email Kate Macnaught, General Manager Sector Projects, if you have any queries.