We are excited to share some photos of the 2022 LGFA Taituarā Local Government Excellence Awards trophies which arrived in the office today. The Excellence Awards will be presented in an online ceremony on 25 May 2022. We will provide further details of this soon.

This year there are 42 entries for the Awards in seven categories. These represent innovative local government projects and initiatives from right across the country, from the far north all the way down to the deep south. There is a strong emphasis on partnerships in this year’s entries.

We are looking forward to sharing this wealth of examples of council best practice. We hope these will foster inter-council sharing of experiences and inform effective future local government work in the areas of organisation and people development; service delivery; council-community relations; collaborative government action; placemaking; bicultural leadership, and environmental leadership.

The bespoke trophies are hand-crafted by Morrinsville glass artist Karin Barr. Karin casts her work using the lost-wax process whereby a mould is built around a sacrificial wax model. Once the mould sets, the wax is melted out and forms a cavity where molten glass can flow in. This method of glass casting enables fine details to be captured.