On Monday, the Government released its first Emissions Reduction Plan. The Plan outlines several initiatives which will be implemented in order to meet the limit of 290 megatonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent greenhouse gasses being emitted (2022-2025) set out in the first emissions budget. 

Read the first Emissions Reduction Plan on the Ministry for the Environment website.

The release of the first Emissions Reduction Plan was highly anticipated as the first statutory plan that requires the government to take action on climate change. Although the plan does not meet the level of ambition or urgency desired by many, it is a good first step to mitigating our greenhouse gas emissions.  

The Plan outlines numerous initiatives to move all sectors towards a low-emissions economy. From incentives to increase the uptake in sustainable transport modes, to reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, many of the actions outlined in the plan touch on the core business of local government. Indeed, over the coming years local government will be at the forefront of combatting climate change.  

The upcoming online Climate Change Forum will be a good opportunity to hear from experts about how you and your council can develop the mitigation and adaptation strategies needed to align with the target outlined in the Emissions Reduction Plan and draft National Adaptation Plan. Tickets will go on sale this week!