The consultation period on the Future for Local Government Review Panel's draft report has been extended. We would also like to share the Taituarā Board 'position overview' in this update.

Taituarā submission

The Taituarā Board has presented its 'position overview' to the Review Panel.

Read the Taituarā Board position overview. 

Future for Local Government consultation extended to June 2023

On Friday (8 July 2022), it was announced that the Future for Local Government Review Panel have been asked to extend the consultation period on their draft report and recommendations, which are due to be released in October 2022. The Panel is now due to report back to the Minister for Local Government in June 2023.  

Community Plan Forum 29-30 August 2022

We will be discussing the Future for Local Government reforms during a session at our upcoming Community Plan Forum which takes place from 29-30 August 2022.

Taituarā Conference 29-30 November 2022

 Additionally, we will be running a comprehensive workshop with the Review Panel at our annual Taituarā Conference from 29-30 November 2022. Make sure you set aside time to attend this event.