The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) is asking for feedback on issues with the current building consent system as part of their end-to-end review of the building consent system.

Access the consultation documents on the MBIE website.

The discussion document is broken into three key sections:

  1. the role of government and third parties, such as builders, designers and architects, in providing assurance that buildings are safe, healthy and durable;
  2. desirable outcomes that good building consent regulation should seek to achieve; and
  3. issues with the current building consenting system.

The joint and several liability rule is out of scope for the review of the building consent system.

MBIE has also released the Risk, Liability and Insurance position statement, which it is not consulting on and is also carrying out an evaluation of the consumer protection measures in the Building Act 2004, such as a publicly provided insurance scheme for building defects.

Making a submission

Taituarā will be submitting on the review, working closely with the Regulations and Bylaws Reference Group. We are likely to submit on options that relate to liability (such as capping liability) and protect consumers (insurance and guarantees) as part of its response.

Submissions close at 5pm, 4 September 2022.

Get in touch

Please email Kath Ross, General Manager, Strategy and Reform for further information.