Fire and Emergency New Zealand has a responsibility to protect communities from the risk of wildfire. However, this cannot be achieved alone, and so it is actively engaging, collaborating and partnering with local authorities and stakeholders to ensure that the risk of wildfire, its potential causes and its mitigations are well understood. 

With your Council’s input and data added into the Wildfire Risk Analysis Tool, it will be able to accurately identify areas at risk that may include assets or values important to your Council. With this information Fire and Emergency will be more able to provide advice and support on how to mitigate and potentially stop wildfire risk before it begins.

Wildfire Risk Analysis

Fire and Emergency are currently undertaking a project to update the tools they use to calculate wildfire risk within the natural environment. 

This project seeks to update its Wildfire Risk Analysis (WRA) methodology to produce a modern, fit-for-purpose functional tool that calculates the likelihood and consequence of Wildfire Risk for New Zealand at a national level. This updated tool will become the foundation for Wildfire Risk Management Planning within Fire and Emergency New Zealand, and other wildfire management applications that seek to protect assets, values and communities across the country. 

The intention of this tool is to make it available to a range of stakeholders, partners and land managers to inform them of the risk of wildfire, and work with those partners to enact appropriate mitigations.

Fire and Emergency New Zealand’s key asks for local authorities

1. To be aware of this piece of work and how it may be of use to councils.

2. To be a conduit for Fire and Emergency New Zealand to other stakeholders that councils think would be of value to the project, or would benefit from the output

3. For councils to engage with Fire and Emergency New Zealand's Geospatial team with any data they may hold on key assets that they want to protect/ that may be at risk of wildfire, particularly within the rural-urban interface or the wider natural environment

Get in touch

Contact or if you want to engage with Fire and Emergency New Zealand on this project. Please put 'Wildfire Analysis Engagement' in the subject line.