Transparency International New Zealand has developed an interactive course with self-reflection quizzes along the way. This online learning resource is aimed at newly elected officials, but is "free for anyone to hitchhike on". It offers a journey through elements of local government leadership that are essential to the role. It is not a deep dive, but offers opportunities to learn and reflect.

Purpose of the 'Road Trip'

Transparency International New Zealand recognises the steep learning curve of governance and decision making faced by many newly elected local government officials. They frequently have to take account of broader matters than just the platform on which they stood.

Lack of understanding of these responsibilities can result in inconsistent implementation and poor or uneven decision making.

Trust in the integrity of local government enables and supports the social licence held by local government to manage and protect resources on behalf of the public. This trust is exercised by many stakeholders including the public, regulators, suppliers and staff. Trust is hard won through deliberate decisions, processes and behaviour. It is also easily lost through indifference, ignorance and willful wrongdoing. Improving transparency is an important buttress in sustaining trust. We hope this tool will help with that.

Topics covered

‍The Road Trip consists of three parts that take 15-20 minutes each.. The parts are:

‍Day 1: Openness, licence and motivation

Day 2: Hands on the wheel: governance, ethics and integrity

Day 3: Making decisions

Try it out

Access the Road Trip here.