The Local Government Official Information and Meetings Amendment Bill, relating to the Act commonly referred to as LGOIMA, has been introduced to Parliament. This new legislation proposes to improve Land Information Memoranda (LIMs) and the information provided in them in order to disclose the risk of natural hazards increasingly likely due to climate change.

The key changes

  • Requiring information about natural hazards and the impacts of climate change that exacerbate natural hazards to be included in LIMs.
  • Requiring regional councils to provide territorial authorities with natural hazard information.
  • Removing liability for councils providing information in good faith.  

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback to the Department of Internal Affairs regarding the proposed changes to LIMs. For those who missed this opportunity, you still have an opportunity to have your say through the select committee consultation.

Find out more

All official information on the Bill including the proposed legislation can be viewed via the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Amendment Bill webpage on Parliament's website. 

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Please email Kath Ross our General Manager, Strategy and Reform for further information.