Following a significant legal review by Simpson Grierson, our LGSectorGoodToolkit module was updated in July 2023. Our thanks also to the Local Authority Property Association for its expert advice in reviewing this module. The changes to the include a full review and updates in relation to case law, legislative references, and sector best practice.

Access the LGSectorGoodToolkit

Guidance on conflicts of interest has been added to the module as a downloadable appendix to assist local authorities with their understanding and responsibilities in relation to property sales, acquisitions, and leases.

The module takes a comprehensive approach to property sales, and takes a step-by-step approach through the following topics:

  1. Request for sale received
  2. Review of property to determine if property is required
  3. Decision making
  4. Public work aspects of sale
  5. Offer back
  6. Disposal of parks, reserves and endowment land
  7. Sale process
  8. Sale settlement process
  9. Identification of property that meets the purposes and needs
  10. Acquisition process
  11. Completion of acquisition process
  12. Compulsory acquisition
  13. Leasing classification
  14. Reserve leasing classification
  15. All other types of leasing
  16. Easements

Access to the module is available to all council employees. If you need your Council's login details, please contact us at and we will send it to you.