The Local Government Official Information and Meetings Amendment Bill has passed its third reading. Amongst other things, the bill improves national hazard information provided in LIMs (land information memoranda). 

Read the Beehive press release.

The amendment will come into force on 1 July 2025 (unless brought in earlier by an Order in Council).

What this means for councils:

  • Territorial authorities and regional councils must provide information “that identifies” hazards and impacts (including potential ones) affecting land in a district, and their cumulative or combined effects – but they do not have to create new information for each LIM.
  • The impact and potential impact of climate change that exacerbates natural hazards or potential natural hazards must also be identified if the council holds this information.
  • The information must be summarised and presented in the LIM in the form required by regulations.
  • Regional councils must provide natural hazard information and support to territorial authorities.
  • Local authorities are not legally liable when providing natural hazard information in good faith.
  • Councils must be consulted before new regulations about LIM information are made.

This amendment act also includes new reasons for withholding information under LGOIMA.

Taituarā has reached out to the Department of Internal Affairs to support the sector through the changes and contribute to the development of regulations and national direction. We look forward to updating you on the next steps.