Taituarā has partnered with Dr Tom Mulholland to bring you the Healthy Thinking® e-Learning module.

About Dr Tom 

Dr Tom Mulholland is an Emergency Department Doctor and GP with over 30 years’ experience. Dr Tom recognised a lot of the patients visiting the hospital had preventable illnesses. Whilst he could often prolong their lives by a few years, months or sometimes only weeks, he realised most of the damage had already been done.

With this knowledge, and a passion to help people, Dr Tom set out to become the ambulance at the top of the cliff, rather than the bottom.

Dr Tom is always looking for places keen to prioritise their health, to make New Zealand a healthier and happier place. This is why Taituarā is proud to partner with Dr Tom to bring local government professionals across Aotearoa the Healthy Thinking® e-learning module.

Dr Tom speaks about the importance of the tools taught in the Healthy Thinking® e-learning module in the video below.

Most people spend about 30 per cent of their day in negative emotional states – which is too much stress on the body.

Strong emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration or even hysteria, that arise from stress and unhealthy thoughts can cause physiological changes in the body. This can effect your heart rate and blood pressure, increase blood-glucose level, cause muscle tension and cause adrenaline and cortisol to spike.

Healthy Thinking® is a technology you can use to respond better to your emotions and external events.

This programme will provide learners with a set of tools to help change unhealthy thoughts, and to better manage emotions and behaviours.

What is Healthy Thinking®?

  • Healthy Thinking is a set of tools that help you work with unhealthy thoughts, manage your emotions and behaviours to lead a full and healthy life.
  • Healthy Thinking also acts as a mental first-aid for when you find yourself overwhelmed by emotions and need to know whether they’re false signals or not.
  • Healthy Thinking is not a magical elixir to mental health, but a set of tools and techniques that you can use to improve your well-being.

When you have finished this module, you'll be able to:

  • Analyse a situation to decide if your emotions are healthy or unhealthy
  • Develop and use a Cognitive switch to over-ride unhealthy thoughts and emotions
  • Replace an unhealthy attitude with a healthy one

This module is designed for anyone who wants to: 

  • Reduce unhealthy emotions like stress, anxiety, frustration and anger
  • Identify unhealthy attitudes in yourself and others
  • Reduce risk and improve productivity

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A single seat costs $85+GST.

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