• You must be a current Full Member of Taituarã
  • You must have secured your Chief Executive's support to join before making your application
  • You work for a local authority who is up to date with payment of the Taituarã subscriptions that relate to the specific Working Party

You will have experience in local government (generally over a number of years) and be able to demonstrate skills and knowledge that will contribute to the achievement of the Working Party's objectives. While you can expect some personal development to occur as a result of your membership to a working party, Taituarã is looking for people who will contribute.

You will be able to take a national perspective to issues and opportunities, while having a sound knowledge of issues facing local authorities of your size and type. You will be open to a variety of approaches.

You will be willing to spend 8-10 days per year on Working Party projects, and have the support of your council to do so. Working Party meetings are generally once per quarter and are notified well in advance.

Ideally, you will have previously demonstrated an interest in, and participation in industry good projects.

What's in it for you?

This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who wants to take the next step in their career development. Participating in a working party that tackles issues of national significance will give you the opportunity to gain fresh perspective, widen your horizon and add to your knowledge about local government. Working parties contribute to sector capability and advocacy. You will also demonstrate and enhance your leadership capabilities through effective influence and collaboration.

You will have the ability to create and strengthen your professional networks and peer support through these working parties.

Applying for Working Party Membership

From time to time we will let Members know that we have a Working Party vacancy. To apply you will need to provide:

Your current curriculum vitae (CV)

A cover letter which contains the following information:

  • Which working party/working parties you wish to be considered for and why
  • Description of your relevant skills, knowledge and experience you would bring to the Working Party
  • Demonstration of your understanding of the role or Working Parties and the conditions of appointment.
  • Endorsement letter from your Chief Executive indicating that your local authority supports your application and is willing to commit 8-10 days of your time. If you are a Chief Executive, then statement to this effect is sufficient.
  • Appointments will be made by the Chair of the relevant Working Party and the Chief Executive of Taituarã. Taituarã reserves the right to appoint to some, all or none of the vacant positions at its discretion.

Please send your completed application to Taituarã Chief Executive, Karen Thomas, email Karen.Thomas@taituara.org.nz.