The 2022 local elections were held on Saturday 8 October 2022. The final voter turnout for the 2022 elections was 40.44 per cent – slightly down from 42.2 per cent in 2019.*

The graph below shows the turnout trend for local government elections since 1962. In 1962, it was 44 per cent and this year’s turnout was approximately 3.5 per cent less than that.

*The final data as at 18 October 2022 is an indicative figure. The final figure will not be confirmed until early 2023 when the Department of Internal Affairs has completed full analysis of the data provided by each council.

Average turnout by council size

Metro councils: 40.82 per cent
Provincial councils: 44.01 per cent
Rural councils: 49.31 per cent

Turnout by council

A breakdown of the data is available for download here.