Meet Taituarā member Jonathan Shaw

As Manager - Planning and Building Services at Invercargill City Council, Jonathan Shaw says he's 'been fortunate in working with a team of superstars'. In this profile he describes some of the innovations he and his team have brought to his community, as well as what led him into local government in the first place. Jonathan also tells us about the varied mix of sites and activities that Invercargill offers; its eateries, Civic Theatre, beautiful coastline, and hunting opportunities for those keen to go bush.

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1:34 PM, 26 May 2021

Meet Taituarā member Gavin Dawson

Gavin Dawson is a Governance Advisor at Kaipara District Council. In this profile Gavin describes the enormously wide-ranging work he performs on a multitude of topics, and tells us about the satisfaction he derives not just from the work itself, but also from seeing the real difference it makes in his community. He also shares some of his top picks for places to hang out with friends and family in Northland, as well as some personal projects he currently has on the go.

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3:34 PM, 20 May 2021

Meet Taituarā member Melissa Hollier

In this profile we feature Melissa Hollier who is a Corporate Planner at Rotorua Lakes Council. Melissa tells us a little about her work, and how a desire to help others with challenging issues including the housing crisis, climate change and economic recovery inspired her to work in local government. She also talks about her recent involvement with Taituarā, shares her top picks for fantastic food in Rotorua and why she loves being part of her rural community

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2:56 PM, 23 April 2021

Meet Taituarā member Toni Grace

Toni Grace is International Relations Manager at Palmerston North City Council. In this profile she shares a little about her work including the challenge of promoting Palmerston North’s international relations in the post-COVID environment, her work for Sister Cities New Zealand, as well as her passion for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. She also shares why convenient, green, and fun Palmerston North a great place to be.

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4:30 PM, 15 April 2021

Meet Taituarā member Sam Fellows

Sam Fellows is currently on a one-year secondment as the Manager of the Sustainability and Waste Division at Tauranga City Council. With the recent announcement of a $20.5 million Ministry for the Environment grant to Tauranga to reduce waste and improve recycling it’s an exciting time for sustainability in the city and Sam is right at the heart of it. He shares some insights from working in this hugely important area, his love of Tauranga and passion for working with others in his community.

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10:45 AM, 29 March 2021

Meet Taituarā member Mali Ahipene

Mali Ahipene describes her role as Pou Tūhono at Waikato Regional Council.

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1:55 PM, 25 February 2021

Meet Taituarā member Arlene Akhlaq

Arlene Akhlaq from Nelson City Council tells us about her work as Manager of Business Improvement.

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3:08 PM, 15 February 2021

Meet Taituarā member Helen Algar

We meet Helen Algar who tells us about her work as Community Development Manager at Waitaki District Council.

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2:46 PM, 26 January 2021

Meet Taituarā member Debra Bradley

Debra Bradley of Writing for Councils tells us about her business providing written communications for the local government sector.

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2:55 PM, 15 September 2020

Meet Taituarā member Simon Mutonhori

Taituarā member Simon Mutonhori - Group Manager - Planning & Regulatory Services tells us about his work at Wairoa District Council.

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10:23 AM, 29 July 2020