This guide discusses the requirement to conduct reviews of service delivery under section 17A of the Local Government Act 2002.

The legal requirements are not greatly different from the internal reviews of services that local authorities undertake ‘off their own bat'. The only strikingly ‘new’ elements are is that there are two legal triggers for the review process and that the legislation sets a deadline for completion of the first set of reviews.

Of course, we review our services to ensure that we are getting the best value for our community. Possibly the most significant challenge in implementing section 17A is to ensure that this does not turn the service delivery review process into a compliance exercise.

This guide will show you how to integrate the s17A requirements into your own processes for conducting reviews. The guide will help you develop a forward programme for reviews. And it will help you understand how to document your processes to safeguard against the legal risks.

This is an output from the Planning and Accountability Working Party. Taituarã thanks them for their work.

SDR guidance 2015