This online forum is designed to provide outstanding professional development for local authority elected members and governance and policy professionals as around two dozen councils embark on representation reviews ahead of the 2022 local authority elections.

About this event

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The cost of this online Forum is $450+GST per council.

The programme is an inspiring mix of presentations from experts in their fields, and with the Forum being available to watch online this year, there's no need to travel further than your workplace.

The topics in the programme below cover the three cornerstones of representation: Selection of voting systems, Māori representation and reviews of representation arrangements, and will leave all attendees well equipped for the work of creating fair and effective representation for their community.


9.30am Welcome from the Chair
Raymond Horan, Principal Advisor, Taituarā

9.35am Representation Reviews – A Day by Day
Darryl Griffin,

An overall walk through of the representation review process – what’s expected, by when.

10.20am Local Government Commission - Roles & Process
Penny Langley, Chief Executive Officer, Local Government Commission
Sue Piper, Commissioner, Local Government Commission
Donald Riezebos, Principal Advisor, Local Government Commission

  • The scope of the Commission's powers
  • An overview of the process and criteria to be followed
  • The role of elected members
  • The role of the Commission in implementing decisions
  • An introduction to the latest representation review guidelines

11.05am Stretch break

11.10am Electoral system review
Darryl Griffin,

  • The FPP or STV decision
  • Poll demanded by electors of held at the initiative of the Council
  • Timeframes

11.50am Communities of Interest
Dr Mike Reid, Principal Policy Advisor, Local Government New Zealand

  • Defining "community of interest"
  • Applying the principles - fair and effective representation, reasonable and equal opportunity, maintaining public confidence
  • Number of Councillors
  • Wards
  • Community Boards & Local boards

12.30pm Lunch break

1.00pm Panel Discussions: Lessons from the last reviews

Dale Ofsoske, Managing Director, Independent Election Services
Donald Riezebos, Principal Advisor, Local Government Commission
Dr Mike Reid, Principal Policy Advisor, LGNZ

  • Thoughts on how local authorities should approach their reviews
  • Observtions on practice and compliance with the rules
  • Lessons learnt and changes in practice

1.50pm Moving to STV - Managing the Process
Julia Straka, Governance Lead, New Plymouth District Council

A case study of a council that moved to STV including their reasons for the decision, engaging, presenting advice and other practical pointers from a council that made the shift.

2.20pm Māori Representation
Dale Ofsoske, Managing Director, Independent Election Services
Kitea Tupuna, Wairoa District Council, Māori representation for Wairoa District Council

  • Ability for councils to introduce Māori wards or constituencies
  • Consideration of Treaty of Waitangi principles (s4 LGA)
  • Consultation with local iwi
  • Timetables and polls
  • Applicable for two terms

3.20pm Engaging on a representation review
Rick Dunn, Rotorua Lakes Council
Warwick McNaughton, Auckland Council

And to finish a couple of case studies of different approaches that councils have taken.

3.55pm Summing up
Session Chair