Navigating Treaty settlement obligations with Te Haeata

Te Haeata is a searchable record of Treaty of Waitangi settlement commitments designed to support organisations to manage their Treaty settlement commitments.

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Advocating for play, active recreation, and sport

Local government has a unique and critical role in the play, active recreation, and sport ecosystem, providing vital community assets that are part of the fabric of our communities along with grants and opportunities that support local communities to participate in play, active recreation, and sport.

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Strategic treasury management in uncertain times

The only thing for certain is change, so how can finance managers best position their Council to make the most informed decisions today? How can Councils retain the flexibility to adjust their treasury risk position as the uncertainty of the future state unfolds?

In this article, Brett Johanson from PwC New Zealand summarises the key considerations for building a strategy that will see treasury teams through all manner of financial and economic conditions.

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Upcoming Events

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05 Dec 23

Webinar: Climate Change Financial Disclosures

Explore the likely addition to financial reporting standards and learn from a leading local authority's experience with climate change financial disclosures.

07 Dec 23

Free Webinar: Introduction to Te Haeata – navigating your council's Treaty settlement commitments

Te Haeata: Your tool for managing Treaty settlement commitments. Search, manage, and uphold commitments for lasting Treaty relationships

13 Dec 23

Webinar: Council workshops and LGOIMA

Discover key insights from the Chief Ombudsman's report on council workshops, with legal experts from Simpson Grierson. Uncover transparency recommendations and legal obligations under the LGOIMA 1987.

Member Benefits

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These provide local government managers with the opportunity to share knowledge and ‘best practice’ in Local Government in another country

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Members receive quarterly briefings containing information that is highly relevant to management roles in local government.

Through our sponsor Skills, we are able to provide outstanding leadership development opportunities to our Members. Entries usually open in October each year and the recipients are announced at our annual Gala Dinner in April

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Members of Taituarā's five Working Parties have the opportunity to influence and support sector activities of national importance as well as contribute to our key work programmes. Members participating in our Working Parties gain a wealth of knowledge and insight in respect to issues that are critical to local government professionals while also enhancing their leadership skills and career opportunities.

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