LG Accelerated Leadership is a highly interactive, practical programme designed to allow participants to discuss and debate the qualities and behaviours of great leaders. It focusses on authentic leadership, making a difference in their role, and delivering results for their councils.

Courses starting soon 

Limited spaces are now available in Te Whanganui-a-Tara Wellington from 31 July 2023 to 5 March 2024. We are also offering this programme in Waikato from 5 September 2023 to 11 April 2024 and Murihiku Southland from 4 Oct 2023 to 21 May 2024.

About the programme

Participants enjoy local government focussed content including senior leader speakers who share and discuss their experience as it applies to each topic. It is expected that participants come willing to discuss issues and challenges they face under the Chatham House Rule.

The programme now includes:

  • Greater embedding of te ao Māori and te reo Māori across all elements of the programme
  • A leadership 360 diagnostic which will allow each participant to identify key development opportunities that they can work on over the life of the programme
  • An impactful immersive virtual reality experience that will provide programme participants with deep behavioural insights
  • Guest speakers (from within and outside the council) will attend to encourage a broadening of views and perspectives

Taituarā offers the LG Accelerated Leadership Programme as the mid-level of our local government leadership pathway.

“Leadership at its core is never about you. Leadership is about how effective you are at unleashing other people. Full stop. That’s it. That’s the secret. Leadership empowers other people as a result of your presence and makes sure that impact continues into your absence.” Frances Frei and Anne Morriss: Unleashed: The Unapologetic Leader’s Guide to Empowering Everyone Around You

Why should you attend?

The programme is delivered over a seven to eight-month period allowing time for genuine growth as a leader. It has been developed specifically for local government professionals and is delivered by facilitators with exceptional knowledge and understanding of the sector.

Learning syndicates are set up on day one allowing networking between workshops to reflect on learning and how it applies to their council role – many of these relationships continue to develop even after the programme has finished.

    Who should attend?

    The Taituarā LG Accelerated Leadership Programme is aimed at tier three and four managers and people who want to excel in their leadership role. This programme aims to develop participants' leadership capabilities, so they can in turn develop others.

      How it works

      The programme is held on a regional basis and is made up of seven modules. Workshops for each module are either two-hours online or four-hours face to face.

      • Module 1: Leading with strengths (four hours in person)
      • Module 2: Leading with purpose (two hours online)
      • Module 3: Leading the team (two hours online)
      • Module 4: Leading through collaboration (four hours in person)
      • Module 5: Leading and learning (two hours online)
      • Module 6: Leading with courage (two hours online)
      • Module 7: Leading change (four hours in person)

      There are three distinct phases, which are designed to encourage the application of learning:

      • Prepare phase – preparation work is sent out to participants two weeks prior to each workshop
      • Explore phase – four hour in person or two hour online workshops
      • Apply phase – applying tools, techniques, and approaches learned on the job

      What our leaders are saying

      "Leadership is not black and white, you can't learn it all from a textbook - you learn from your own and others' experiences – and this programme provides that opportunity."

      "I have found this programme extremely beneficial. The facilitator was really engaging, and I really enjoyed her style. I also found value in having the regional group."

      Find out more

      Email info@taituara.org.nz if you are interested in taking part in the next scheduled programme or if you would like to discuss arranging one in your region.