We are a strong advocate for our members, and for the local government sector. We regularly provide input on central and local government policy in the form of feedback on reviews and submissions to select committees.

We also provide day-to-day policy advice to members when required, and publish a member-only Quarterly Briefing.

Submissions lodged in 2024

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Submissions lodged in 2020

  • Deaths, Funerals, Burial and Cremation submission (lodged on 30 October 2020). The Ministry of Health consulted on a review of the Burial and Cremation Act 1964. The consultation document set out a range of options for modernising the legislation about death certification, regulation of funeral directors, burial and cemetery management, cremations and new methods of body disposal.
  • Building for Climate Change submission (lodged on 16 October 2020). The Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment consulted on reducing emissions from buildings during their construction and operation, while also preparing buildings to withstand changes in the climate.
  • Building (Building Products and Methods, Modular Components, and Other Matters) Amendment Bill (lodged on 10 July 2020)
  • COVID-19 Response (Further Management Measures) Amendment Bill. Submission lodged.
  • Local Government (Rating of Whenua Māori) Amendment Bill (lodged on 17 April 2020). The Taituarā Executive Board has approved our submission on the Rating of Whenua Māori Amendment Bill. We are generally supportive of the Bill’s intent though we consider some of the proposed solutions need some further refinement.
  • Infrastructure Funding and Financing Bill submission (lodged on 5 March 2020). The Transport Committee continues to meet. Raymond presented to the Transport and Infrastructure Select Committee on 16 April 2020. It was live streamed and can be viewed on Facebook. Raymond appears about 51 minutes in.
  • Taumata Arowai – the Water Services Regulator Bill (lodged on 4 March 2020). Raymond and Karen presented to the Health Select Committee on 11 March 2020. We support a regulatory body, and most of the submission was to raise concerns that the Bill does not make sufficient provision for the perspectives of the industry in the regulator's governance and engagement perspectives. We anticipate this will be one of the top priorities when Parliament resumes on 28 April 2020.
  • Inquiry into Elections (lodged 4 March 2020). We submitted to the Justice Committee Inquiry into the 2019 Local Elections. The Chair of the Electoral Committee, Dean Heiford and Raymond appeared at the Committee in June 2020.
  • Urban Development Bill submission (lodged on 14 February 2020). Raymond presented to the Environment Select Committee on 19 March 2020. It was live streamed and can be viewed on Facebook. Raymond appears around 10 minutes in.

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