Each year Taituarā runs the New Zealand leg of the Australasian Management Challenge which is designed to enhance the leadership and management skills of managers and staff in local government.

The winners of the New Zealand leg then go on to represent Aotearoa New Zealand at the Australasian finals. There they compete against the winning teams from the seven Australian states and territories. New Zealand teams have an exceptional record at the finals with four firsts during recent years.

Enter the 2024 Management Challenge now!

Registrations are now open for the 2024 New Zealand leg of the Australasian Management Challenge. The event will take place in Lower Hutt, Wellington on 30 April – 1 May - Register your team here.

Winners of the 2023 Management Challenge

Find out about the winning team and runners up.

Why should I get involved?

This is not just a one day event. Councils can use the Management Challenge to achieve strategic professional development outcomes for staff. It is recognised for its hands-on and real-life approach to leadership development. Participants come away with new and practical insights into excellence in leadership and management.

The Management Challenge is different to other seminar or traditional training programmes and benefits councils by:

  • growing inter-departmental relationships,
  • breaking down silos,
  • building capacity,
  • attracting and retaining staff,
  • improving organisational culture, and
  • promoting teamwork.

Picking a challenge team

Teams have five or six members and a mentor. Councils that have taken part in the challenge for many years will usually have a strategy for selecting their team members. For councils new to the challenge the team members typically come from a variety of departments across the council.

This means the team can not only draw on a range of skills and knowledge, it importantly adds to the collaborative experience - some past participants have said they've learned more about their wider council at a challenge than while at work! We recommend that the team include someone who has communications experience as the day's tasks usually include at least one where reporting or external communications is a very useful skill.

The final selection of team members will depend on each council's objectives for the challenge so it's perfectly legitimate to select someone with leadership potential but who is still at the start of their local government career. Conversely, very senior managers have taken part and found it a valuable experience.

Find out more

More information on the Management Challenge is available in this brochure or on the Australasian Management Challenge website.

For more information specific to the New Zealand event, including dates and prices, please contact us by emailing info@taituara.org.nz.