We would like to congratulate Hastings District Council which has impressed our judges with its regeneration project 'It's Flaxmere’s Time' which has won The Beca Award for Placemaking.

The Beca Award for Placemaking recognises programmes or projects that shape or create a vibrant local economy, local culture or promote the achievement of positive social outcomes.   Any project or programme in these areas may be entered, but it must be able to demonstrate that it is transferrable to other local authorities.  

It’s Flaxmere’s Time
is a both a revitalisation programme for Hastings District’s lowest socioeconomic community, and a means for building trust and engagement between the people of Flaxmere and Hastings District Council. The programme is an amalgam of housing development, parks development, expanded health, wellbeing, and sporting opportunities and social services expansion.

The Judges said "Hastings District Council has actively harnessed the skills, expertise and resources of a wide range of partners both in Government, in the community and the community itself not least to create trust and a sense of pride in the community. The multifaceted approach focusses largely on people and human networks, not just building things. This is the very definition of local placemaking and makes Hastings a worthy winner of this, the inaugural Beca Award for Placemaking."

 Group Limited (generally referred to as Beca) is one of the largest employee-owned professional services consultancy firms in the Asia-Pacific. The company has more than 3,800 staff working across 23 offices around the globe, with headquarters located in Auckland, New Zealand.

For further information, please see the 2022 Awards Media Pack.