Hastings District Council is the winner of this year's Datacom Award for Transforming Service Delivery for its Toitoi Hawke’s Bay Event Centre Asset Management BIM and Digital Twin.

The Datacom Award for Transforming Service Delivery is for programmes or projects that result in an exceptional service experience through new delivery models or the redesign of business processes or practices. 

Hastings District Council's construction of a digital twin for Toitoi – Hawke’s Bay Arts and Events Centre is understood to be the first application of this technology in New Zealand. The technology enables managers to access data on the degree of comfort, asset condition and asset performance in real time.   

A digital twin is a virtual representation of an object (in this case, a building) updated using real-time data, and in conjunction with other tools such as simulation and artificial intelligence to support decision-making. 

The Judges said "Digital twin technology is a powerful tool for managing asset condition and performance, saving the community real money and providing a better long-term user experience. The council told us a compelling practical story of the differences that the twin has enabled in activities that are fundamental to the overall user experience as well as the more mundane activity such as maintenance of the ceiling".

Entries for The Datacom Award for Transforming Service Delivery can include programmes or projects relating to any area of council activity which is about delivering improved value for money to ratepayers. The approach must be capable of transfer to other local authorities. Last year's winner was Selwyn District Council for 'A World Class Customer Experience Transformation Project'.

Datacom is the country’s largest and longest serving technology company. It delivers an ever-green service called Datascape to local councils which contains a wealth of intellectual property built from our multi-year success within local government. This is the second year that Datacom has sponsored the Transforming Service Delivery category.  

For further information, please see the 2022 Awards Media Pack