The Taituarā LG How Local Government Works (LGHowLocalGovernmentWorks®) programme is a fantastic online suite of e-learning courses aimed at introducing both new and existing government employees to the legislative environment of local government.

Both local and central government work closely together across the sector in many areas, including civil defence and emergency which has been key during the current Covid-19 epidemic.  Other areas of cross over include well-being, housing, transport, infrastructure, climate change, water and both regulatory policy and legislation.  It is, therefore, important that both sectors understand the differences and functionalities of each other.

Since launching How Local Government Works over 75% of councils and several government agencies are now implementing it as part of their induction programme.

View the videos below to find out more:

For Central Government

For Local Government

The programme comprises six parts:

Part 1: An introduction to the local government sector

Part 2: Governance

Part 3: Working together

Part 4: Planning and accountability

Part 5: Regulation and compliance

Part 6: Financial management and funding

Why should your organisation purchase this product?

Employees will gain:

  • a baseline understanding of the local government sector and an increased knowledge of what
    and how their role relates to the democratic and regulatory environment.
  • increased confidence and ability to engage and represent the sector to the community.
  • a better understanding of the ‘whole’ system of local government, role and the implications of
    their actions or decision making.
  • This is a unique product – it will save you time – no hidden costs i.e. travel, accommodation,
    venue fees, catering, and reduces lost work hours.


  • It gave a broad overview of a variety of important topics of the role and function of local government.
  • The content is broad and high level. The step-through process in the screens is interesting and keeps you engaged. The bite sized chunks of information between quizzes is manageable for an online course. I find it hard to fault.
  • The course provided a very helpful foundation for my new role in local government.

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