Who we are

Taituarā is Aotearoa New Zealand’s leading membership network for professionals working in and for local government. We have a thriving membership base of around one thousand members.

What unites Taituarā members is our commitment to be our own professional best, supporting local government excellence through connection, collaboration, and care for the well-being of our communities.

What we do

Taituarā supports its members to be the very best they can be. We strengthen, develop, and connect our members by providing opportunities for current and future leaders to learn from each other, from the wider public sector and from international perspectives.

We seek to strengthen the local government sector as a whole by using our members’ insight and experience to influence the public policy debate. We encourage thought leadership by enabling our members to step back from the day-to-day agenda taking time to share wisdom, create value and build knowledge.

Alongside our partners, we work on improvement for the local government sector because we believe excellent public services support thriving communities.

How we do this

We provide a range of virtual, regional, and national learning, development, and networking opportunities for our members. Utilising our members’ insight and knowledge, we respond to consultations, engaging with central government and the public service. This provides opportunities for our members to contribute to local government policy implementation and the future direction of the local government sector.

We produce a range of best practice and guidance, enabling our members to be effective in their roles.

Our targeted range of communications and publications supports dissemination of knowledge, innovation, and the latest developments in our sector.

We support local government recruitment and career development opportunities across the country.

Each year, Taituarā members have the opportunity to experience our high-profile excellence awards and attend our flagship annual conference. These are key dates in the local government calendar where our members connect, learn, and discuss issues with like-minded colleagues. Our international relationships with other local government membership networks enable our members to learn from, experience, and inform global practice.

Who do we do this for

Ultimately, the work of Taituarā is to support excellence in local government for the good of all our communities.

Taituarā members can be at the early stages of their local government career, an established leader/manager or a seasoned executive in the top tiers of Council organisations. Taituarā also comprises some retired members. Whilst our members predominantly work directly in local government, some members are not directly employed in the sector, but their professional work is in support of it.