Taituarā is a part of the Government Regulatory Practice Initiative which is also known as G-REG. This is a network of central and local government regulatory agencies established to lead and contribute to regulatory practice initiatives. It works on actions that improve professional leadership, culture, regulatory practice and workforce capability in regulatory organisations and systems.

G-REG has three areas of focus

Work programme

The primary activity relates to the qualifications framework. G-REG leads the development and delivery of the qualifications, and key requirements, partnering with the state sector industry training organisation to do so.

Other actions planned or underway fall under the following themes:

  • The management of information to support regulatory activities
  • The exercise of discretion and the regulatory toolkit
  • Addressing risks and the perception of risks
  • Regulatory stewardship
  • The future of the qualifications

Regulatory compliance qualifications

The regulatory compliance qualifications framework is made up of five nationally-recognised qualifications.

These qualifications are designed to improve capability and recognise the expertise that already exists. Through the promotion of a common language and common approaches, the framework will encourage professionalisation, greater cooperation, and higher service standards across the sector.