When you join Taituarā you become part of a growing network of professional local government professionals, dedicated to achieving professional excellence in the local government sector.

Members receive exclusive access to the following benefits.

Helping support professional development management for all staff in the sector

A strong membership base places Taituarā in a position to advocate on behalf of professionals working in the sector, partner with local and international organisations and connect up local government managers across the country and around the world.

Members-only Webinars

Our members receive exclusive access to member-only webinars presented by leading experts. These are a great opportunity to gain insight and knowledge into topical issues facing local government and network with other members.

Event Registration Discounts

All our members receive attractive discounts when registering for most of our events. Typically, discounts from two or three of our events will cover the annual Full Membership Application Fee. All our current events are published in our Event Calendar.

Professional Recognition

The Taituarā Distinguished Management Award is given to members who have contributed substantially to the status of the local government profession by establishing a reputation for professional service.

Each year Taituarā also recognises members who have been working in local government for many years via the Long Service Certificate Awards.

Leadership Scholarship

We provide outstanding leadership development opportunities to our Members through Leadership Scholarships. Entries usually open in October each year and the recipients are announced in May.

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Member-only Quarterly Briefings

Members receive quarterly briefings containing information that is highly relevant to management roles in local government. The briefings, delivered via email, are designed to save you time sorting through the plethora of available information. We are also exploring the idea of holding Member-only webinars to accompany these briefings.

Committees and Reference Groups

Members of the seven Taituarā Committees and Reference Groups have the opportunity to influence and support sector activities of national importance as well as contribute to our key work programmes. Members participating in our Committees and Reference Groups gain a wealth of knowledge and insight in respect to issues that are critical to local government professionals while also enhancing their leadership skills and career opportunities.

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Overseas Manager Exchanges

These provide local government managers with the opportunity to share knowledge and best practice in local government in another country. An Overseas Manager Exchange is both a cultural and a personal management development experience designed to enhance your career in local government. With the support of our sponsors, Marsh, Civic Financial Services and AskYourTeam we currently provide exchanges to Canada, Australia and the United States.

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